Rohit aims to adopt a ‘balanced’ approach with the bat

Rohit Sharma has made a splash in the 2023 World Cup with his high-risk and highly aggressive approach. Taking advantage of the familiar Indian conditions, he played risky games right from the start, giving him a start that became the catalyst of India’s near-successful campaign in the 50-over championship.

In such a situation, is Rohit ready to continue with his no-nonsense approach against the bowlers? No, he aims to be more balanced while respecting the challenging conditions. “I want to play my game in a very balanced way.

I want to strike the right balance,” the skipper said on the eve of the match against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. So, yes, you have to be careful. I think that’s where I want to use my experience and play. But having said that, yes, I want to maintain a balance of not being too aggressive and not being too cautious. What stood out in that innings was that he was willing to wait rather than rush in immediately. Ireland were an easier opponent than Pakistan, against whom Rohit will want to strike a balance between caution and aggression. Otherwise, it’s a very simple game. Come and bowl at that length and leave the rest of the work to the pitch. Unless the batsmen try something different, the bowlers won’t change their plan too much. That’s my understanding. Somewhere you have to experiment, be adventurous to try all the options. There’s a reason why we are playing with eight batsmen; someone has to go up top and play freely and see if they can build pressure and score runs

In five matches, Kohli has scored 308 runs, with Pakistan dismissing him only once in those five innings. He could prove to be a huge asset for India and a big thorn in the side’s side. But while Rohit wouldn’t want to underestimate the importance Kohli brings to the side, it’s clear this team isn’t dependent on a single player.

I think we all should contribute. And of course, there are key players who are going to play important roles, but I think everyone needs to perform at their best, in whatever way they can, in whatever way they can, in their best possible way. So, I think, like them, everyone who plays tomorrow has a responsibility to get us two points.” Asked if India had an advantage as they have played two matches in New York while Pakistan have not played any matches or practiced here yet, the Indian captain said, “Yes, to an extent you can say that we have played cricket here for a long time – but look, this is happening in New York and it is not our home. We would have probably spent 6-7 more days, but even in that, it rained for 3-4 days. We did not get a chance to practice much. Yes, we have played two matches, so we have that much experience. So, for both the teams, there will be the same opportunity, the same conditions. According to me, the team which plays good cricket on that day will win. And it is not because we have spent