One of our best T20 acts: Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan describes the Afghan Victoria through 84 careers in New Zealand as “one of our best T20 acts”. The equestrian hero and his captain held a paper protagonism in Victoria, observed on the 4th of April 17th, after which they were arrested by the powerful Fazalhaq Farooqi army, who returned from New Zealand alone for 75 and 16 hours in a pursuit of 159. According to the two hundred rupees that were the fundamental forces for the final result, the important Victoria was sent thanks to the other centenary initial associations between Rahmanullah Gurbaz (80 of 56) and Ibrahim Zadran (44 of 41) in which era a superficial connection is involved in Guyana.

Gurbaz and Zadran are among the most important people in Afghanistan who approved a union of 103 administrations. Solo produced 55 careers in 10 first overs, but the series gradually came to an end over 11 by Michael Bracewell and finally left him equipped with a total of more.

“It is one of the best actions of our time, especially in the T20 against a great New Zealand equipment. There is a great equipment, not just the words…”, said Rashid. There are no wickets in their overs 7-10. But in the form of players, there are no wickets due to the principle, when they take turns playing the ball. The ball sits on the new ground. When this happens, they will be the first to win. In general, there is a great chance, a great Victoria for Afghanistan and it is a great sensation to lead this equipment and throw against New Zealand”.

Rashid Dijo who has a point approximately 160-170 due to the conditions that cause a slight swing, shape and effect on the lancers and that the Afghan teni is just attacking to apply the pressure on the marker. Curiously, the New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is one of the most renowned Afghan men as one of the best players in the world. What if he scores 160-170 on this ball, with the unity of the balls which are ten, he dares to face the difficulties of opposition. I hope he is able to stand behind the players in the door.

“The soldiers and especially the guards, in the form of those who come to beat the balls and go with them [Mohammad] the Prophet (peace be upon him) Seconds, this is a very positive experience for the people who are standing in the fields. The day is over, but I’m ready to put it aside, to blow away the ventilator. “And although we have the abilities of a unitary entity, we use our abilities [the maximum potential], but we have a lot of difficulties for the opposite one than 160”. Victoria, the Afghan chief who came to the World’s Cup, is a member of the Afghan National Congress, and is a member of the Taquilla to join the ranks of a complicit group. Many other principal contenders include the Occidental India and New Zealand. But in addition, the fear and the margin of the match leave the Black Caps vulnerable to the loss of the semi-finals or the best in its category of world championship results. Its NRR is actually -4.2 and the approximate time for the tornado to occur is determined by the time it hits the next round or number.

But Williamson admitted that he was equipped to be very superior to all the players in the game when he was asked to stand aside due to the crunch, so that he and other judges could play the game in a certain time of the game on their own. Precious for a New Zealand outfit, it falls ill in the camp, faces two receptions and also faces an escape.

“Seeing the opportunities that are presented and that are not acceptable, and in a superficial way as it is, contribute to a great deal of interference by the marker and the result. Seeing them on the other side to defend themselves, but it is necessary to think that many times in the future they should enter into the situation where they receive the receipt and execute the most”, dijo Williamson.

It is difficult to win as a wicket, because he is not an armada in the field, holding back the equipped opponents. Usually there are opportunities in this first step and they are not accepted. Simply put, they supersede all the aspects of the game. To see a total complex surface, manoeuvring the terrain in the mind and beating the opponent. Since we have a perspective, we do not get enough. “In the terms of the torneo, it is very frustrating, but today there is a rapid change for the players, even though reagruparno quickly and pass at the next instant desafĂ­o”.